Latest TV Technology Terms

Before buy any TV , Your should know this terminology. Our Experts collect this for You by category: How do you know which one is right LCD TV for you and your family? We have an explanation of what all those technology terminology mean.

1. LCD TVs: Liquid crystal display televisions. - High-resolution pictures in a wide range of sizes. - Energy-efficient - Images tend to fade slightly when viewed from an extreme angle, but new technologies improving LCD TV viewing angles.

2. LED TVs: Light-emitting diode televisions. - Specific type LCD TV. - Better and brighter picture w/deeper blacks, - a slimmer profile, Energy efficiency - Mercury-free production.
          A. Edge-Lit LED TV: are lit by LEDs placed only around the edge of the display panel.
          B. Backlit LED TV: Backlit LED TVs are lit by many LEDs placed throughout the rear of the display panel.

3. Internet-Connected TV: An Internet-connected TV or Blu-ray player to connect to the Internet over a wired or Wi-Fi. - Enables you to access and display online content, movies, videos, photos, music, social-networking sites and more.
          A. Internet TV Apps: are the software applications that your Internet-connected TV uses to access specific online functions, Include movie rental photo & video-sharing services on YouTube, social media sites 
          B. Wi-Fi Dongle: A small, removable device, attached to TV via USB, allows TV to connect to a wireless, Enabling you to access wireless Internet

4. 3D TV: High definition television, - Specially made for 3-dimensional movies, video games, To view 3D content, viewers must wear 3D glasses.
          A. Active 3D Glasses: Active 3D glasses electronically sync their operation, wirelessly with the 3D TV to produce a 3D image. 3D glasses run on batteries need recharging.
          B. Passive 3D Glasses: Passive 3D glasses are polarized and function much like the ones used in today's 3D theater releases. Do not sync electronically with 3D TV.

5. Plasma TV: Affordable option for larger-size televisions, - Include deep blacks and bright colors, - Good fast-motion imaging, - Wide viewing angles, - Less energy-efficient, - Not great fit for gaming.

Best Smart TV Deal Features and Internet Connectable HDTV :

1. Smart HDTV: Smart TV products like Google TV include a web browser and keyboard, to browse, search & type content online using your HDTV, just as you do with your computer.  .

2. Internet Connectable HDTV: Most of HDTV products do not come with a Web browser, so you cannot search the Internet. In that case, online content is accessed via a set of apps that are included with the product. 

Best LCD TV Features You Should know before Buy LCD, LED, Plasma, 3D, Internet TV's at this Black Friday:

A. Display Resolution: Display resolution is number of pixels that make up a TV's picture. Higher resolution TVs have finer pixels, which create a sharper picture.
B. Refresh Rate: measured in hertz (Hz), get information, how many times the screen is redrawn each second. Higher the refresh rate, the less image flicker on screen. TVs with higher refresh rates display fast motion smoothly. Up to 600Hz will make gaming experience faster and more enjoyable.
C. Viewing Angle: is a measure of picture quality from off-center viewing positions. TVs with wider viewing angles offer a higher quality picture to viewers. If you have a large room, consider a TV that allows a wider viewing angle.

TV Add-Ons and Accessory Terminology

A. Blu-ray: an optical disc format that can play high-definition movies content. Available with both regular and 3D content.
B. HDMI Cable: HDMI cables carry both digital audio and video in a single cable.
C. Wi-Fi Dongle: Wi-Fi dongle is a small, removable device that can be attached to a TV via USB port. over wireless network
D. Streaming Video Player: A streaming video player allows you to access television shows and movies via a small box that plugs into your TV.